Basic Laws In Dubai-How To Avoid Penalties

If you are not a native in Dubai, you must be careful and watch the legal obligations closely. Do not play with fire intentionally or unintentionally. Coming out of the vicious circle may not be an easy task, especially when one is not familiar with the local language, culture and legal settings.

Dubai Law

Things may go out of control and soon one may realize that the doors that open to the way backward are sealed forever. Things may not be as positive or bright for one then, let alone business the real challenge then for one is to come out of the legal interrogations and court trials which may not be easy all the time to cope with.

Dubai law has been reported by many foreigners and legal experts to be on stricter and firmer side. To be honest, when you study it thoroughly, clause and states are more or less the same, it is just that little or no knowledge that one may have which may turn things in confusion by pushing them into further complicated zones.

Some very common legal clauses at a glimpse:

  • Dual Nationality: If you are a person with dual nationality, UAE is not the right place for you, the legal system her does not permit this. If caught one may face serious charges and in many cases, one may be deported as well.
  • Identification Card: Without this one simply cannot move around UAE with ease. By law one must have it to avoid unwanted pullovers and checked by law enforcement agencies, to know more about this you may visit

  • Custom prohibitions: Like any other country, the customs restrictions enforced by the UAE officials are also against the usage and supplying and carrying weapons or other restricted products that may be considered against Dubai law.

  • Alcohol intake and smoking: Like any other civilized country’s legal system, UAE legal framework is also very much on the stricter side when it comes to enforce the legal proceedings and ensure that people do not carry out activities that involve alcohol, smoking and drugs. The results can be lethal as the law here is extra strict when it comes to these breaches.

  • Un-honored Cheques and Bills: You must ensure that the cheque you are giving away is connected with your bank account that holds funds, if the cheque bounces you are in trouble, missing out the bill payment dates regularly may also initiate legal proceedings.

  • Traffic laws: I will try to keep it simple… The laws here are stricter when it comes to traffic so one must ensure that he stay miles away from such troubles. website is the best resource for further knowledge on this.

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