Surprising Stats On Law Firms In Dubai

Dubai Lawyers
Dubai Lawyers

The focus of this Infographic will be more on the online trends for law firms that are operating in Dubai. There will be many times where one would desperately need a lawyer, to ensure you get hands on one who is working with a reputable law firm; you must consider the following facts:

  • Almost 45% of all the small legal firms in Dubai do not have a Website.
  • 75% of those that have a website are missing out on Call To Action (CTA) on their website
  • Only 50% of the law firm websites have a Relevant, Indulging And Organized Content on site.
  • 97% of all the legal firms operating in Dubai Fail to deliver any sort of personalized content.
  • 68% miss out on stating their Email Address on their homepage
  • 27% miss out on stating their Phone Number on their homepage
  • Only 14% of Dubai lawyers have a smartly triggered email sending mechanism to send email instantly once the visitor fills the Contact Form.
  • Majority of the websites owned by these legal advisors are not Responsive in nature.
  • 35% of the customers start their hunt for a legal advisor using Online Resources.

Find A Lawyer Or Get Fined By The Law!

In Dubai, every year many people land. Their goals and aims may vary from one another, i.e. some may come for the purpose of tourism while some may have the plan to capture these markets with their robust and appealing business idea. Most of them have to go through some sort of trouble when they are faced with the language and culture barrier.

Such factors open the window of opportunities for unintentional legal breaches by people, especially those that are non-natives and are not familiar with Dubai law.

Dubai Law

For businesses owners or investors the problem starts when they breach Dubai law unintentionally while executing or proceeding with their goals in Dubai. For them to present and fight their case in an adequate passion, they need to acquire services of a smart lawyer who is blessed with the following traits:

  • Attentive: pays attention to the detail and avoids making a mess of the entire case.
  • Responsive: Is available and promptly responds to your queries and concerns.
  • Professional: This of course is a must; you cannot outsource your legal tasks to just any lawyer.
  • Affordable: They should not be asking you to bleed money and must charge you in a realistic passion always.
  • Influential: They must have good reputation both inside and outside the court.
  • Avoid infatuation: Don’t hire them because you fell in love with the way they argued with you, if they cannot talk in courts they are no good.
  • Too busy: if they are overcrowded with workload, you are with the wrong lawyer then. Find someone else who is available to solve your issues too.

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