How Law Firms do the Plum Job in UAE

Advocates in Dubai

Every organization aspires to have higher profitability no matter it deals with the business of products or services. Owing to this factor, organizations are searching for suitable markets across the globe. There is no exception for law firms.

Therefore, it is a must for international organizations to have a branch in the Middle East. It means that marketplace of UAE is a safe haven for businesses. The main feature of setting up law firms in Dubai is its regional harmony and coexistence of managing individuality as per the business nature.

The awareness regarding the above-mentioned factors encouraged many firms to extend their operations in UAE. Another reason is that wages of advocates in Dubai extremely higher as compared to other countries.  Further, major opportunities are opening in legal affairs as a result of a gap between the requirements and provision of services.

Comparison of Western and Middle Eastern Marketplaces

The Middle Eastern wealth is considerably invested in different markets including the US, London and Paris. The investments are made in the industry of real estates.

Therefore, it is considered crucial that western world pays to focus on the markets of Middle East.

The marketplace is relatively easy for new entrants. So, international organizations not only from the West but all over the world are establishing their businesses in Dubai.

Further, UAE is an internationally well-known diverse place by law association and firms. It is ranked at the eighth position comprising approximately two hundred international legal firms.

The Market Niche

Dubai is considered a culturally polar business market offering various opportunities to businessmen.  It has been ranked as the world’s leading hub for legal companies.

It is owing to the reason that law firms have seen a bulging growth in the past fifteen years.  It is comprised of the highest concentration of British lawyers to help expatriates.

However, all international legal organizations operating in UAE offer services related to the local laws. They don’t work with international laws or their own country laws. This is what they can’t offer.

Nevertheless, multifarious bright opportunities of growth in legal matters and litigation have been noticed. It gives a major advantage to the small law association.

Further, law firms can generate their business by working in education, employment, compliance, healthcare, consumers’ laws and sports safety.  This actually requires highly qualified lawyers to operate in this niche effectively.

Opportunities for Law Firms

There is no denying the fact that a plum job is done by the advocates in Dubai. It is because the lawyers work is based on the translation of laws as per the available data and legal provisions.

The law of UAE is largely based on Sharia laws while the civil law is based on basic human rights and legal framework of civil obligations.

The law firms can enjoy the following opportunities in UAE.

New Cohort and Generation Gap

The society of UAE is largely dispersed in its nature. It is owing to the fact that various people are settled here for businesses, jobs, and other reasons. Therefore, the scope and significance of law firms are relatively high in Dubai.

Further, the niche insights have shown considerable opportunities in legal sector owing to the gap between generations and the emergence of young cohorts in the society of UAE.

It can be seen from the statistics that the region has undergone a huge boom in law businesses between the years 2002 – 2007.

Boom and bust even in the period of Recession

There is no denying the fact that recession affected the world where the Middle East was not exempted. Especially, the year of 2007/08 had to see market freeze. However, the litigation organizations were still flourishing and a boom has been observed. The law firms were very busy in working for quasi-government.

Change in Attitude

While a number of law firms are wrapping up their businesses, the law firms are still thriving in the Middle East. It is a strong proof of significance and scope of lawyers in Dubai.

It is owing to the fact that the young generations have taken the charge of the social activities. Obviously, the change in attitude can be seen in the operations and jobs activities.

Therefore, active assistance is sought from law firms which keep the business growth at a rapid pace.


Hard work is always required to make a business flourish and thrive in the wake of risks. However, law firms enjoy a risk-free environment owing to their nature of work and scope of services. Therefore, it goes without doubt that advocates in Dubai enjoy the fruits of a prestigious job.


Lawyers’ Qualities In Focus!

Your plan of migrating to UAE may require professional support as coping with different requirements may not be easy for you.

Considering the idea of acquiring services of Immigration lawyers in Dubai may not be a bad ploy. However, before finalizing things and jumping to the conclusion, one must ensure that he/she is hiring the right lawyers.

Look for the following qualities in them before you hire them:

Lawyers’ Qualities In Focus

Situation Yesterday

  • One as a lawyer must be on top of his/her game.
  • They must be ready to spend extra hours to be on top.
  • Backed with a strong personality to bring in work.


That was then…

Times have changed!

Following are some top qualities of tomorrow’s lawyers:

  • They must have the attitude to inspire.
  • Must lead and execute things professionally.
  • Explore things further with a passion to dive deep and learn.
  • Develop trust among peers, colleagues and clients.
  • Improve, innovate and stand out every time, so as to make others think.
  • Care for and pay attention to detail when dealing with clients.
  • Must believe that there are no limits to personal growth. They must grow all the time.

Immigration Lawyers In Dubai For Guaranteed Results!

Immigration lawyers in Dubai


When things are not clear and you are finding it hard to cope with the never-ending list of visa requirements, you must seek professional advice.

Everything about your plan to migrate to the UAE is good. Whether it is a plan to live here in Dubai for the better schooling of your kids or a new business setup, you will need legal help.

Legislations here in the UAE markets are slightly different. The language and culture difference may make them further complex for one to cope with. Professional and reliable immigration lawyers in Dubai may help you with all your legal needs.

When you don’t want to take chances:

Relying on chances is not always possible. It may not be a good idea either. Especially, when it’s kids’ future or business success down the line, tampering may cost badly.

Sound and firm selection of legal advisors based on comprehensive information and market ratings may not be a bad idea.

Let’s have look at some of the good qualities you must seek in lawyers before hiring them:

  • They must be ready to listen and willing to focus.
  • Must show respect to all parties.
  • They must not hide the hard truths from their clients.
  • Must have a great personality.
  • Able to utilize their time in a smart and efficient manner.
  • Blessed with a great understanding of the law.
  • Should be able to analyse and communicate in a skilled manner.
  • Strong interpersonal skills.
  • Should not cut corners and must possess a strong belief in upholding the rule of law.

Immigration lawyers in Dubai:

You will come across many, but you need to hire the best. The ones shortlisted by you must have a great understanding of all the immigration requirements. They may be with you all the time throughout the process. Don’t hire a lawyer who is already overcrowded with clients’ pressure. They must be easily reachable.

Check their experience and qualifications:

Many people usually hesitate when it comes to asking straight and hard questions without realising that this is their basic right. It is better to ask timely questions rather than regretting at later stages.

Final words:

You will need to be firm in your approach when hiring immigration lawyers in the UAE. You need a legal partner that can influence and come up with strong arguments and help you in arranging and submitting the right and required documents. They must ensure that you and your dependents are granted visas.

Legal Matters A Family Lawyer Can Resolve

A permanent family lawyer is the right solution for all our legal matters. So, every one of us must have a permanent family advocate who could take care of these things. Without a permanent family attorney it would be difficult for us to keep our different confidential matters secret. So, those who are residing in Dubai should look for Family lawyers in Dubai. They would be able to find one easily because there are numerous law-suits out there in that part of the UAE.

Legal Matters A Family Lawyer Can Resolve

A Family lawyer is the need of our family. He can resolve and settle your different legal matters without compromising your privacy. Beneath are some of the legal matters a family lawyer can definitely resolve better.

Inheritance Transfer:

Transferring of the inherited property without compromising any defined legal terms.

Property Shares:

Preparation of the legal documents regarding the share of each family member in property or business.


In case both the spouses don’t want to keep the relationship, then he can prepare legal divorce papers.

Child Custody:

Preparation of legal documents and leading case in the court regarding the child custody after the divorce.

Business Documents:

Proper legal document preparation, when you are starting a new business or buying an already running one.

Buying and Selling Property:

Can prepare proper and detailed documents for the transfer of property when you are buying or selling.

Save Your Credit Ratings After A Divorce In Dubai

Breakdown of marriage is a common problem in the UAE, especially among the expatriates residing there, but it is even becoming prevalent among locals too. If your marriage recently ended, then there is probably a lot on your mind. Your credit score is likely that last thing you would think about, but you need to because the fallout resulting from a divorce can have a devastating impact on it.

Dubai Lawyers

You Will Need To Be Wary Of Your Cash Flow

If you have gone through a divorce, you may end up experiencing cash flow problems. This is particularly true if you and your spouse have accumulated a considerable amount of debt because you will have to continue making payments, even though your marriage has ended. If you are no longer living with your spouse, you likely had to bear the expenses of purchasing or renting a second place of residence. In such situations, the cash flow tends to decline, while credit card debt rises.

Do Not Get Distressed

If you had a lavish lifestyle while you were still married, it makes sense that you may end up in financial distress. Many married couples who had successfully maintained such a lifestyle during their marriage no longer have the financial resources to make the payments. The debt keeps on accumulating and they end up defaulting.

Something that family Dubai lawyers emphasize upon is to keep in mind that if a couple incurred some debt while married; it is still marital debt even if they have divorced. At times though, only one of the spouses can also be responsible for such debt, if they never spent that money for the benefit of their marriage. This is another reason that marriage breakdown results in increasing debt while reducing cash and income.

Protect Yourself & Your Credit Ratings

Your divorce does not necessarily have to transform into a financial nightmare for you. You can still safeguard your best interests, even after the conclusion of your marital relationship with your spouse.

If your divorce proceedings are still underway:

  • Make sure write down all of your assets and debts on a piece of paper, and store it safely. Do not fret if you cannot remember the details of all your accounts. You could just ask your spouse, or you could look for copies of paperwork that might be lying around.
  • Make it a consistent habit and routine to check your credit report. You never know, you may not even be aware that your spouse took out some “joint” debt or debt in only their name.
  • If possible, keep an eye on your credit cards and any joint accounts you have. In fact, if you want to avoid accumulating further debt, perhaps you should close accounts and cards that were in use of your former spouse.

Conclusion – Choose The Right Family Layer

This was merely a handful of advice that family lawyers in Dubai tend to impart to their clients. Whether you are on the verge of filing for a divorce or are going through it already, it is best to consult with an attorney and discuss all your concerns with them, financial or otherwise.

Along with having a professional attorney on your side, you need to be meticulous and thorough. This could save you from financial ruin, including a tarnished credit score. Above all though, make sure not to solely rely on advertisements when searching for a suitable family attorney in Dubai.

How To Save Money On The Family Law Case?

family lawyers in Dubai

All of the domestic law cases, particularly separation between individuals are always difficult. The overall divorce process is full of stress, problems and anxiety. In addition to these troublesome facts, divorce is usually expensive. Unintentionally, it normally stretches the overall budget of individuals.

Separation cases are growing faster in Dubai as compared to the rest of the world. Although the fee structure of family lawyers in Dubai is quite affordable, however, the rest of legal and court fees are certainly expensive for individuals. Additionally, overall court and legal fee depend upon the terms and conditions on a case that might outspread further as well.

An in-depth planning is required for individuals when they have to file a case for separation. An accurate plan is helpful for reducing the overall expenses. Individuals have to analyze fee structure of lawyers and their payment policy before working with them. Together with lawyer’s fee considerations, individuals may also use the following ways to reduce the cost.

Find Out The Right Lawyer:

Even from the beginning, individuals must work with the right lawyer. He must be efficient and competent enough in family law. One must focus on his experience as well because changing an existing lawyer after the case has been started is expensive. Such a massive change may also prolong the process that will additionally increase the budget.

List Down Your Queries:

Listing down your queries has a great impact on reducing your phone bill. Because when new questions will come into your mind, you will frequently call to your lawyer which will increase your phone cost. The best approach is to prepare a list of all your queries, at once and discuss them with your lawyer.

Deliver The Required Information Earlier:

Always provide the essential information to lawyers in Dubai at the beginning of your case. Go through with your liabilities and possessions which you have collected and list them down. Hand them over to your lawyer. These must include your financial accounts and your entire balances. This is helpful in terms of reducing your lawsuit costs in future.

Be Accessible To Your Attorney:

Accessing your attorney on-time highly reduce your overall budget and the fee he will cost you. Ensure that you are in contact with him and he is open to ask questions. You must instantly respond to his questions as soon he asks them. While failing in this regard, your attorney may charge you more if he is failing to get in touch with you, every now and then.

Dubai Lawyers, Features You Should Not Miss!

Hiring a lawyer can be a complex task. In complex markets like UAE, this task may become further complex because of the available huge choice selection facility.

One may find it hard to pick the right family lawyers in Dubai, especially if one is not too sure about the qualities that a lawyer must have by default.

Don’t worry, we have made this domain of selection easy for you, all you need to do is to go through the following list of qualities that must be present in Dubai lawyers you have shortlisted:

Dubai lawyers in most cases are on top of the entire situation and can provide one with state of the art legal solutions.

Family lawyers in Dubai

If you are about to hire a lawyer in Dubai and you are not sure where to start from and how to go about the proceedings, you must ensure that you have got the following checklist of qualities in mind while finalizing the right legal advisors or family lawyers in Dubai:

  • Sound Analytical Skills
  • Highly creative
  • Strong Study And Research Skills
  • Great interpersonal skills
  • Backed with great logical thinking
  • Full Determination
  • Strong communication skills
  •  Highly educated and qualified
  • Sound in reading and comprehension skills
  • Able to write in an indulging passion

Why Arbitration For Resolving Family Conflicts In Dubai?

Certain family conflicts are normally resolved now out-of-court in Dubai. To overcome the high rate of separation, the UAE government has implemented certain approaches where family conflicts are resolved even not involving the court as well. Arbitration is one of the process in which the disputed matter is submitted to a neutral individual for decision.

dubai lawyers

Family conflicts are of different types. If the matter is not too much serious, family lawyers in Dubai can better resolve it through negotiation or mediation. The process of arbitration also has the same concept where an arbitrator or a neutral person (may be a lawyer) control everything by listening to both the parties and make a decision.

To resolve a conflict in a formal setting, an inquiry is conducted that require evidences from the parties. During executing the conflict, it is possible that the parties may agree upon some instances and follow their own to resolve everything. Otherwise a managing organization having single or a panel of three arbitrators arrange the procedures for it.

There are two types of arbitration. In a binding arbitration, both the parties agree upon the decision and they lost the chances to appeal the decision. In a non-binding arbitration, the decision might possibly be ultimate if the parties accept it or it may help them assess the case to analyse a starting opinion for settlement talks.

Where And How Arbitration Is Used:

Arbitration is normally used in areas where general public or domestic violence is involved. It can be performed for the purpose to resolve a conflict between workforce and employer or two members of a family.

Arbitration has also been helpful to resolve a matter between a stock broker and a customer who is willing to open an account who is not being able to resolve the agreement with stock broker himself.

Who Provide Arbitration Service?

Arbitration is provided by different professional associations, including attorneys as well. Once an attorney is employed for arbitration, he chooses the neutral person or arbitrator to work on the conflict. However, selection of an arbitrator is made according to the type and complexity of the matter.

For more complicated and technical conflicts, experienced Dubai lawyers are employed to work closely with the arbitrator. In this case, a more experienced, knowledgeable, and specialized arbitrator is selected.

Arbitration Characteristics:

Following are some common features of arbitration.

  • It is normally performed voluntarily.
  • It must be kept private as long a court appeal is initiated.
  • As compared to a court hearing, arbitration is performed in an informal and less structured way.
  • Require less time and expenses to complete.
  • Enable every party to present their evidence and make arguments.

Why You Must Need Immigration Lawyers?

Immigration lawyers play a crucial role in processing visa requests and citizenship submissions. Employing them offer benefits to employers in certain countries where expatriate employment is common such as UAE. Immigration lawyers in Dubai spend most of their time in working for outsiders having problems in immigration necessities.

They act as an advisor for foreigners having limited knowledge in processing certain documents. Mostly, Dubai lawyers for immigration purpose go-between their clients and authorities. They also keep up with situations where interaction of both immigration and criminal law is required.

Immigration lawyers in Dubai

Expatriates are supposed to employee immigration lawyers for proper assistance in submitting certain applications. Processing their documents require specialized knowledge of the immigration law. An immigration lawyer usually has sufficient experience in the same processes. Seeking their assistance is helpful in the following conditions.

Past Involvement In Crimes:

The intersection of immigration and criminal law is known to them. These attorneys can provide the necessary documents required by authorities in such type of cases.

Rejection Of Previous Applications:

Immigration attorney understand the reason for application rejection. They can provide accurate assistance depending on the situation either to re-apply or appeal.

Involved In Medial Condition:

Sometime, certain medical condition of an applicant prevents him from entering to another country. These lawyers are helpful to help the applicants take permission for entry.

Unreasonable Wait In Processing:

They better understand the nature of every application and the required time of processing. Based on their familiarity with deadlines, they can help applicants in getting rush handling.

Immigrating Family:

Applicant’s usually look for immigrating their families before issuance of permanent resident status. Attorneys can specify the best techniques for filling such applications.

How Social Media Helps Family Lawyers In Dubai

Advanced markets today rely heavily on authentic, up to date and timely information. Similar is the case with legal advisors that are operating actively in UAE markets. They are keen to provide their clients with state of the art and well deserved results that are in their favour.

To achieve these goals and stay on top of the market rivalry, Dubai lawyers ensure that they rely on elite mediums that are associated with Information Technology. A good example here would be social media channels that are now playing a core role in helping these specialists in their hunt to explore the truth.

This approach has turned out to be very helpful because people are now getting justice in a timely manner. Gone are the days when a case used to be for prolonged period of times and at times it used to take years for one to get a just verdict.

Today cases are being concluded at times in a matter of few months. Family lawyers in Dubai are keen to get things further swift and accurate and to achieve this task; they rely heavily on all the latest approaches and technologies.

Family lawyers in Dubai

Advancements in technology has helped almost all the professions greatly by adding elements like accuracy, efficiency and quality of products and services that are associated with them. A new trend in the form of social media can be one good example here.

It is now becoming a useful tool for family lawyers in Dubai and other parts of the world to collect evidences and make their case stronger before the law courts.

Let’s have a look at some interesting facts that will help in proving the claim made above:

  • Since 2010 – Almost 700 complex cases have been resolved with the help of social media.
  • Ways in which social media helps in litigation:
    – One’s State of Mind
    – Obtaining proofs through communication
    – Evidence of Time and Place
    – Evidence of intentions and Actions
  • 78% of adults today use social media heavily.
  • 91% out of them are users with age brackets under 30 years.
  • Out of which 72% users are those who use social media daily.
  • Facebook alone have over 860 million users
  • Each FaceBook user on average uploads 75 pieces of content each month.
    They may share things that are open to public, such as:
    – Their contact information
    – What are their interests and hobbies like
    Habits and routines
    – Their location
    List of their friends and social circle
    Conversation that in most cases is open to public.

One can clearly imagine the role that can be and is played by social media channels like, FaceBook, twitter and LinkedIn etc. in enabling the legal bodies to come up with a fair and just verdict while working on a case.