Tips To Avoid The Bad Lawyers

Every one of us needs the assistance and services of an advocate at some point of our lives. So, it is really important for us to never get trapped in the nest of the bad lawyers. A bad lawyer will certainly be a waste of time, efforts and money as well. He can also take us to lose the case as well as money.

The cases in the court and even outside the court in daily routine life, are won on the basis of quality and expertise. If someone is lacking in it, then he certainly can’t turn the case in his own or his client’s favor. For your case, you could find a lot of advocates in Dubai and all around the UAE. But, again you need to make sure avoiding the bad ones. Following are some of the tips to successfully avoid the bad ones.

Tips To Avoid The Bad Lawyers

No Callbacks:

If you have just hired an advocate and you are finding him unresponsive in nature, then it’s time to think about your decision. An advocate who doesn’t respond to his clients after missing a call is a really bad one. Your lawyer must call you back every time, upon missing your call.

Unanswered Emails:

Your lawyer must be proactive and responsive all the time. He should answer your emails properly every time. If he is leaving your emails unanswered then this is also one of the features of the bad advocate, you must deny and cut off his services right away immediately.

Missing Deadlines:

None of the lawyers are worse than the one who misses the deadlines. A lawyer must be proactive and should never miss deadlines of a court filing. This affects your case’s health to a huge extent. Thus, you must avoid hiring the services of such individuals because they are also categorized as the bad advocates.

Advocates in Dubai

Misbehaving and Poor Attitude:

The misbehaving and the ones with a poor attitude are of no worth to you. You would find a lot of advocates in Dubai and all around the UAE, but make sure you avoid hiring the misbehaving ones. If your advocate is showing signs of misbehaving, rude and a poor attitude, you can immediately say him Good Bye! It’s better to find someone else because these are also the signs of the really bad advocate.

7 Advantages Of Hiring Immigration Lawyers in Dubai!

Whether you are planning to visit Dubai and pursue your career or whether it is a plan where you will be staying here for few month and then file your immigration to any other part of the world, you will definitely need expert consultancy and legal advisory services that are being offered here by professional immigration lawyers in Dubai.

Immigration Lawyers in Dubai

7 Advantages Of Hiring Immigration Lawyers in Dubai

Immigration can be tough and at times turn out to be a lengthy process. They delays may get further extended if one is not backed with a team of strong immigration lawyers. Putting up the facts in the righteous of passion may not be possible and this may dent the entire case.

Following are some benefits that shall be considered before acquiring the services of such lawyers:

  1. They must be expert and good at avoiding mistakes.
  2. They should be seasoned by experience and good hands on practice.
  3. Ability to manoeuvre the permits and regulations shall be their core skill.
  4. Must be proficient in putting the available options before you to choose from.
  5. Must have got what it takes to advise you as a permanent resident.
  6. Must have hands on experience in helping you out, when it comes to find a legal job.
  7. An expert immigration lawyer can set path for citizenship in the country of choice for you.

Some added benefits:

  • They are reliable
  • They are affordable
  • They are always available as and when you need them
  • They are blessed with strong market persona and stature
  • The solutions offered by them are spot on and work well in the better interest of clients.

How To Pay Family Lawyers For Divorce

Payment to your family attorney for divorce processing is a worrying fact. Sometimes the situation might get unaffordable if the process is initiated without proper management. To end up an extremely complicated divorce matter, one must pay attorneys fee, a legal court fee along with advisors and third party impartial fees.

Family lawyers in Dubai

Mainly for UAE based individuals, most of the expenses during divorce occasions cannot be avoided. Court and lawyers must be paid to properly proceed the case whatever their demands must be. Fortunately, most of the best family lawyers in Dubai go through the process in a fairly and reasonably way.

Individuals must research well in finding out experienced lawyers to help them proceed their matter in a legal but affordable way. Although experienced and skilled attorneys must be paid higher, however, they do offer quality services to support their clients as they are expecting.

Payment Options For A Family Attorney:

Figuring out all of the possible ways to pay your family attorney is really a challenging task. We have assembled some of the identified payment options that you may use to pay for a legal service. These options are previously been used by different clients for their family matters.

Credit Cards:

Using credit or debit cards is the best payment method that is used to pay your lawyers for next hearing. Family attorneys are happily accepting payment with this method.

Family lawyers in Dubai

Bank accounts:

Bank accounts are also being used for legal payment to your legal consultant. Bank accounts include checking and personal-saving accounts. Material bank accounts are acceptable.


There are different institutions who are offering financial support to help clients pay their payment to family law advocates. Clients may also borrow money from friends and relatives.

Sell Or Mortgage Assets:

Family lawyers in Dubai are also accepting payment while selling out assets including car, home and even business. The mortgage is also an acceptable way to pay an attorney for the family matters.

Dubai Lawyers – How To Go About The Proceedings?

There are more than one areas that shall be considered before finalizing the right and experienced attorney while operating in complex and highly dynamic markets of UAE. You will need their services more often than not, not because it is going to be a legal case where either you or the other party will be on the back foot.

Trends have changed as Dubai lawyers are not only offering services that are limited to one court case and trials, there are other areas where they can help, like business registration, legal documentation, preparation of partnership deeds, will and other similar documents and their attestation, all are offered by modern day attorneys.

Dubai Lawyers

Commercial Related Laws Known By Advocates In Dubai

UAE is a country that thrives on its strict laws and regulation be it the family laws, criminal laws or the corporate laws. Anyone who wants to live in this country of magnificent beauties needs to respect and abide by all the laws otherwise the situation can be dodgy.

Advocates in Dubai

Below are some of the commercial laws that can be handy for anyone if he/she goes through them once.

Commercial law:

This law is also known as the business law and it includes the corporate law as well. This law as the name shows governs commercial and all business related transactions. It deals with private as well as the public law issues. It is important to consult those advocates in Dubai who are expert in commercial law in a case of any problem.

Law of foreign investment:

This law helps to lower and remove all the obstacles that stand in the way of investment be it the foreign investment or local. It eases the procedures of licensing, registration and investment. Tax, exemptions, guarantees, rights and obligations of foreign investors are looked after in this law.

Competition law:

This law is developed and foreseen as the one that frees the economy from those effects that lower its efficiency, and monopolies. This law was developed by keeping the recommendations of the world trade organization which were based on the trade policy of the country.

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Certificate of origin:

This purpose of this law is the organization of legislations that relate certificate of origin rules which are created on progress shown in the area. It allows the ministry of the economy the authority to impose fines on those who are involved in showing fake certificates, documents, and data. 

Federal law on commercial companies:

Advocates in Dubai state this law related to commercial companies helps all the firms and organizations to come up with a general framework for corporate related governance so that the shareholder’s rights are protected, financial data is revealed, transparency is achieved and the board of director’s efficiency is increased.

Basic Laws In Dubai-How To Avoid Penalties

If you are not a native in Dubai, you must be careful and watch the legal obligations closely. Do not play with fire intentionally or unintentionally. Coming out of the vicious circle may not be an easy task, especially when one is not familiar with the local language, culture and legal settings.

Dubai Law

Things may go out of control and soon one may realize that the doors that open to the way backward are sealed forever. Things may not be as positive or bright for one then, let alone business the real challenge then for one is to come out of the legal interrogations and court trials which may not be easy all the time to cope with.

Dubai law has been reported by many foreigners and legal experts to be on stricter and firmer side. To be honest, when you study it thoroughly, clause and states are more or less the same, it is just that little or no knowledge that one may have which may turn things in confusion by pushing them into further complicated zones.

Some very common legal clauses at a glimpse:

  • Dual Nationality: If you are a person with dual nationality, UAE is not the right place for you, the legal system her does not permit this. If caught one may face serious charges and in many cases, one may be deported as well.
  • Identification Card: Without this one simply cannot move around UAE with ease. By law one must have it to avoid unwanted pullovers and checked by law enforcement agencies, to know more about this you may visit

  • Custom prohibitions: Like any other country, the customs restrictions enforced by the UAE officials are also against the usage and supplying and carrying weapons or other restricted products that may be considered against Dubai law.

  • Alcohol intake and smoking: Like any other civilized country’s legal system, UAE legal framework is also very much on the stricter side when it comes to enforce the legal proceedings and ensure that people do not carry out activities that involve alcohol, smoking and drugs. The results can be lethal as the law here is extra strict when it comes to these breaches.

  • Un-honored Cheques and Bills: You must ensure that the cheque you are giving away is connected with your bank account that holds funds, if the cheque bounces you are in trouble, missing out the bill payment dates regularly may also initiate legal proceedings.

  • Traffic laws: I will try to keep it simple… The laws here are stricter when it comes to traffic so one must ensure that he stay miles away from such troubles. website is the best resource for further knowledge on this.

Dubai Lawyers – How To Pick The Right Ones?

The starting is always good:

Work hard all the time, you are almost there, your fingertips are about to touch the target and then all of a sudden a big collapse. Your attention is diverted, you notice panic in your company. What is it all about? What are the factors that are causing panic and all the tasks are at a halt?

Dubai Lawyers

You never know when the action will start:

Soon you are informed that the company is in trouble due to non-compliance with the local legal framework of UAE markets. Things may turn upside down when one is found guilty and a business that may have been flourishing in the morning may face an overnight shutting down scenario. The laws here in this part of the world are very firm and rigid.

What to expect?

The problem may get further worsen if you are a non-native operator with little or no knowledge of what the legal structure here is like, this little or no knowledge is the core reason behind such breaches because most of the entrepreneur in UAE are foreigners and factors like language and culture gaps can prove to be lethal for one’s venture. Therefore, to stay on top of such issues, businesses must ensure that they are backed by professional Dubai lawyers firms that are well versed and skilled in local legal setups.

Dubai Lawyers

What is the way out?

For business operators, I would say that there is only one way out, i.e. expert legal backup as stated earlier. Without it, one may find the business in trouble more often than not, as one may find his venture breaching the legal boundaries all the time, and most of the time it will not be done on purpose. It will simply take place due to little or no knowledge, or in simple words lack of awareness about the local law structure.

One, therefore, must not operate using a fluke approach. Shooting in the dark will not help the cause, acquiring services of a reliable, affordable, expert and highly reputed Dubai lawyers firm may solve the mystery for many businesses in many cases.

How to pick the right one?

While hunting for the right legal advisory services provider, you will need to stay on top of the following points:

  • Availability
  • Affordability
  • Their market stature
  • Their persona
  • Check on their reputation in courts
  • Their skills when it comes to argument establishing.

Dubai Lawyers

With these points in mind, you will need to meet a few of the shortlisted ones, be yourself, don’t panic and put the entire situation before them and let’s see what they have to add to it as far as their views are concerned. The moment you feel that you have found the right, legal advisor simply close the deal with them and move on with your business activities.

Let them fight the case in the right passion for you, according to the plan and get you justice whenever you are stuck in such unwanted situations. You will be enabled to focus on business while they care of your legal proceedings.

How To Find The Right Advocate

UAE markets are promising, loaded with opportunities and open for everyone however they at the same time demand compliance from all with the local legal system. Many people suffer to cope with this latter part; most of them don’t even know when they failed to comply and breached the set legal standards.

This is where the problem starts, a situation may get further worsen if one is not well versed about what the law anticipated from him/her while operating in different markets here. This lack of information and weaker command in the said domain may push things further into the suspicious zone, no matter even if one is innocent.

That is why; most experts here are of the view that one must ensure that he/she is backed by a team of professional and highly capable Advocates in Dubai.

Advocates in Dubai

Surprising Stats On Law Firms In Dubai

Dubai Lawyers

Dubai Lawyers

The focus of this Infographic will be more on the online trends for law firms that are operating in Dubai. There will be many times where one would desperately need a lawyer, to ensure you get hands on one who is working with a reputable law firm; you must consider the following facts:

  • Almost 45% of all the small legal firms in Dubai do not have a Website.
  • 75% of those that have a website are missing out on Call To Action (CTA) on their website
  • Only 50% of the law firm websites have a Relevant, Indulging And Organized Content on site.
  • 97% of all the legal firms operating in Dubai Fail to deliver any sort of personalized content.
  • 68% miss out on stating their Email Address on their homepage
  • 27% miss out on stating their Phone Number on their homepage
  • Only 14% of Dubai lawyers have a smartly triggered email sending mechanism to send email instantly once the visitor fills the Contact Form.
  • Majority of the websites owned by these legal advisors are not Responsive in nature.
  • 35% of the customers start their hunt for a legal advisor using Online Resources.

Find A Lawyer Or Get Fined By The Law!

In Dubai, every year many people land. Their goals and aims may vary from one another, i.e. some may come for the purpose of tourism while some may have the plan to capture these markets with their robust and appealing business idea. Most of them have to go through some sort of trouble when they are faced with the language and culture barrier.

Such factors open the window of opportunities for unintentional legal breaches by people, especially those that are non-natives and are not familiar with Dubai law.

Dubai Law

For businesses owners or investors the problem starts when they breach Dubai law unintentionally while executing or proceeding with their goals in Dubai. For them to present and fight their case in an adequate passion, they need to acquire services of a smart lawyer who is blessed with the following traits:

  • Attentive: pays attention to the detail and avoids making a mess of the entire case.
  • Responsive: Is available and promptly responds to your queries and concerns.
  • Professional: This of course is a must; you cannot outsource your legal tasks to just any lawyer.
  • Affordable: They should not be asking you to bleed money and must charge you in a realistic passion always.
  • Influential: They must have good reputation both inside and outside the court.
  • Avoid infatuation: Don’t hire them because you fell in love with the way they argued with you, if they cannot talk in courts they are no good.
  • Too busy: if they are overcrowded with workload, you are with the wrong lawyer then. Find someone else who is available to solve your issues too.

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